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Cane Corso Dog Breed Pictures

Cane Corso dog were used during the Roman Empire. These Old Italian dogs lost their popularity after the World War II. In fact, there came a time when these were about to extinct. However, the breed lovers managed to save them till today.

Physical appearance:
They have height between 23.5 and 27 inches. Their weight is between 90 and 120 pounds. With sturdy body, they have broad head, short muzzle and strong jaws. Their ears are normally cropped upright, while some breeders like keeping the ears naturally dropped. They have docked tail and well built body. Their coat is short and is naturally colored with black, fawn or gray.

Grooming and Behavior:
They need brushing at least two times in a week with soft bristle brush. These dogs can’t be kept by any normal dog owner as they have very different and complicated temperament.

They are dominating in nature. Also, these dogs are intelligent, loyal and protective.  They are very good with the children who treat them with respect. Also, the breed is good with other pets on being raised with them.

Exercise and Training:
These dogs are very active. They need vigorous exercise every day. They enjoy playing games and need couple of walk each day. Also, they enjoy playing with kids without amusing themselves.

They need extensive socialization and obedience training.  They can become very pleasing, if trained properly. It is advisable to make training a regular and essential part of their life. They usually do what their family does. If these dogs get experienced owners, they can be well managed and performs well.

Health and Lifespan:
The Cane Corso dog is prone to various health problems including bloat, torsion, eyelids disorders and hip dysplasia. On an average, they can live up to 10 to 12 years.

 Cane Corso Dog Breed Pictures
Cane-Corso Dog Breed Photo

Cane Corso Dog Breed Pictures

Cane Corso Dog

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